The Seahawks are considering a protest of the national anthem this Sunday – which is September 11. A dominant response is that the terrorists attacked “us” on “our” soil as Americans, so everyone should be honoring the flag that day.

Such an argument assumes that domestic terrorism against black people takes a backseat to foreign terrorism against America. Black people have been terrorized in America for 400 years; America was attacked, one time, a mere 15 years ago. The attempt to guilt-trip the players here is absurd.

People keep pushing the narrative that “9/11 brought us all together.” Stop. No it didn’t. The prison population in 2002 increased at a growth rate almost twice that of 2001 – disproportionately impacting black folks. So where, exactly, did this togetherness come in?

Black people aren’t necessarily worried about Al-Qaeda, ISIS, or whatever Muslim boogeyman the government uses to justify its bloody wars. We are more worried about everyday terrorism here in America.

And that is why the Seahawks should still protest on 9/11.