The 9/11 story is all bullshit
sold from a political pulpit
by leaders who point fingers
but they’re really the culprits.

Thousands of lives were sacrificed
and now the public violates them in the afterlife
by laying down and acting nice
lacking sight
that the Patriot Act made us give back our rights
allowing government surveillance from satellites.

No one addresses our foreign “interventions”
bombing the shit out of the Middle East
with imperialistic intentions
and consequences of ungodly dimensions.

Nobody pays attention –
they’re too busy typing on their gizmos
watching videos of silicone-breasted bimbos
whose only problem
is the choice they have to make between limos.

The best way to honor 9/11 victims
is to at least question the system.


This was a 15 minute free-write to get my anger about all the 9/11 propaganda off my chest.