As much as I dislike Hillary Clinton, I am still disturbed by the demand that she fully disclose her medical records.

1). We are assuming that physical fitness is a prerequisite for completing the tasks at hand. It isn’t. In fact, two of the greatest American presidents – Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy – were profoundly ill in office. FDR was handicapped to the point where he gave speeches with metal braces on, and often needed a wheelchair. But guess what? The American people loved him so much that they elected him president FOUR times. What would disclosure of his medical history have provided us?!

JFK, in his day, was the youngest president ever elected. But he had Addison’s Disease – and was often in excruciating pain. Fun fact: JFK did not die of Addison’s. America is still in love with the Kennedy dynasty 50 years later. What would disclosure of his medical history have provided us?!

2). Out of the 43 previous American presidents, 8 died in office. Specifically, 4 died of natural causes (Harrison, Taylor, Harding, Roosevelt) and 4 died at the hands of an assassin (Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Kennedy). Focusing on medical history is absurd because presidents are just as likely to be assassinated in office.

3). Aside from our attempt to suspend HIPAA, releasing these documents will only strengthen a hostile American culture that polices our health. Employers often require physicals and drug tests as conditions of employment. In some places, welfare recipients have to piss in a cup for their benefits – even though drug use has nothing to do with food stamps.

4). The world is at the Paralympics right now – where people with disabilities display their strengths. Maybe we should take a hint from this and leave Hillary alone.