Thank you for calling Domino’s Pizza
where the food is sub-par
and that is why it’s cheaper.
But since you are a danger-seeker
who is desperate and over-eager
allow me to tell you our menu’s special feature:

Our Cheesy Crusts are delicious,
we prepare them on dirty dishes,
because filth is a main ingredient
at our business.
The head chef goes to the bathroom often
and doesn’t wash his hands after he visits.

Is this order for pick-up or delivery?

One large pizza is all you desire?
I’ll tell you the recipe, since you inquire:

First, we turn off the oven full of fire
because it is not an appliance we require.
We put all the pizza in a microwave
and watch it spin like a tire.

Then, we add some pepperoni and cottage cheese,
two tablespoons of heart disease,
and three cups of clogged arteries.
We are proud to say that our calorie count
is higher than college fees.

Your total is fifteen dollars, please.
If it doesn’t arrive quickly,
we’ll include a much-needed roll of toilet paper –
our treat!

Thank you for choosing Domino’s
where our motto goes:
call another pizza place
because we’re not the pros!

Prompt: Scent

By: Darryl Walker Jr
(C) Copyright 2016-2017