I am running frantically,
my eyes are fixed straight ahead.
I cannot slow my pace
or I will soon be dead.

The rain covers my glasses
so I am better off without em’
this man is going to kill me
is all I know about em’.

My clothes are drenched
and my shoes are flooded.
My heart is in my throat
and he has threatened to cut it.

I glance over my shoulder
and see he’s carrying a knife.
If I can evade this monster
perhaps I can live my life.

My breathing is getting deep
and my legs are getting sore.
I scream out for help
but instead I hear my voice once more.

My fear skyrockets
as his shadow eclipses mine.
I slip and lose my footing
and he is not that far behind.

I land chest first
and quickly roll onto my back,
clutching all my wounds
and bracing myself for the attack.

The knife is moving rapidly
and my body has a numb feeling.
As the blade approaches my throat
… I see my bedroom ceiling.

Prompt: Smoke

By Darryl Walker Jr

(c) Copyright 2016