Before her, my life was a blur
about my direction I was unsure.
When she promised to re-appear
all my movements became clear.

As I saw her beautiful thick frame
I knew I would never be the same.
I was excited the whole night,
it was like love at first sight.

She said she’d stay with me forever
but we could never sleep together.
Doctors said she needed to be celibate
because her body was so delicate.

As a child, I was ridiculed
for having her on the way to school.  
When a bully caused her harm
I went to the nurse’s office to put tape on her arm.

My first action when I awake in the morning
is to reach for her, before I start yawning. 
Out of bed, she is the reason I rise
because she is a sight for sore eyes.

Dear glasses, stay with me until the end of time.

By Darryl Walker Jr
(c) Copyright 2016