They say Donald Trump is off the hinges
because when he speaks the public cringes
as if he has no sense of limits.

He must have devout commitments

to irrationality and non-sense.
His statements are so absurd,
you don’t need context.
They ask: is he compensating for something?
Does he have a Napoleon Complex?

The media pretends he is a character from Star Trek.

But Trump’s ideas are not an aberration,
they are standard operation for this racist nation.

He learned from the way millions of Africans were kidnapped and held as slaves.
He learned from the way millions of Native Americans
suffered genocide and were raped.

He learned from the internment of the Japanese.
He learned from American foreign policies
that destroyed Latin America and brought the Middle East to its knees.

Trump is simply America taken to its logical extreme.

By Darryl Walker Jr
(c) Copyright 2016