The darkness around me seemed eternal.
We became one, so I was considered nocturnal.
Every one classified me as blind
because inside my own mind I was confined.
Clouded judgment bruised my flesh excessively
so bullies called me “crater face” to mess with me.

Still, I never lost sight of my destiny.

On a cold, dark night, light was sent to me
when God begun the Genesis of my life
and what was meant to be.
Her aura was radiant and mesmerizing,
bringing mountains from beneath the horizon.
I looked into her eyes and
felt hypnotized into a deep trance
where I started fantasizing.

But let’s state the obvious:
we were exact opposites.

I only saw her once in a blue moon,
so I sang the blues, but wanted a new tune.
It’s true: absence makes the heart grow fonder
because my world started to revolve around her.
Since others surround her, I barely found her.

I confessed that I wanted her to be my honey, soon.
She responded by saying “tonight’s our honeymoon!”

We were married in that instance.
Her vows included a promise to withhold eclipses.
Tonight, my light can be seen from a distance.

By: Darryl Walker Jr
(c) Copyright 2016-2017

*This is the first love poem I wrote – back in 2006/2007 – for a girl I was head over heels for. 

Prompt: Shine