Are you tired of lame punchlines and quips
that kill the vibe when they leave someone’s lips?

Are you tired of forcing fake laughter
for your spouse who swears they are a joke-master?

Does your boss have a bad sense of humor
and you want to sense the jokes a bit sooner?

The makers of the Smoke Detector
now present the Corny Joke Detector!!

Whether you place it in the kitchen or closet,
or carry it in your purse or pocket,
our technology detects pathetic jokes
as they form in a corny person’s eye sockets.
A specific wave is then sent to your brain
which is completely non-toxic,
giving you a chance to either change the topic,
or put your hand in their face and scream ‘stop it!’

It’s holiday season and everyone is shopping!
So, if you order the Detector in the next 10 minutes,
we’ll throw in a free piece of chocolate!

For those who suffer through grandpa’s punchlines
and are beginning to lack hope
call 1-555-BAD-JOKE

For those who suffer through awful quips at lunchtime
and are beginning to lack hope
call 1-555-BAD-JOKE

Don’t miss this limited-time offer
because the Corny Joke Detector eliminates the torture!

By: Darryl Walker Jr
Copyright (c) 2016-2017