Here – let me give you directions
so you’ll know the way to my house
before you get lost at an intersection,
and blow your engine out.

First, drive over the suspension bridge
named after a dead man who was famous.
Carrying passengers over whales and fish
with panoramas of skyscrapers.

You can speed past the expensive palace,
with the bright and colorful gardens
where the owner has a fork just for salads
and wears elegant garments.

If you see a father and son
spending time at the baseball field
practicing the techniques of a home-run,
you’ll be absolutely lost if you yield.

When you see the esteemed college
that accepts nothing beneath the genius level
to receive their knowledge,
you may as well stomp on the gas pedal.

But, when you see broken bottles on the pavement
and two drug addicts about to fight
about who short-changed the other on a payment,
at this point, take a right.

When you hear shots firing
and a random bystander hitting the ground,
but then you hear no siren –
at this point, slow down.

When you see my graffiti and rat infested building,
try to understand me and my lack of possession.
And then they wonder why our children
have such a lack of direction.

By: Darryl Walker, Jr.
Written: August 2010
Copyright (C) 2017
Photo Credit
Prompt: Survive