Donald Trump’s approval ratings are declining as calls for his impeachment are increasing rapidly. So, let me get this straight:

Trump bombed Syria with 59 tomahawk missiles; defunded abortions overseas; gave the green-light to the Dakota Access Pipeline; implemented an Islamophobic travel ban; tried and continues to try to throw 30 million more people off health coverage; plans to deport 12 million people of Latin descent; and is waging a phony War on Drugs to incarcerate poor black and brown folks …

… but people are trying to impeach him over the Russia scandal?! After all of the bloodshed he has caused, is causing, and plans to cause, politicians are just now trying to remove him because he “obstructed justice” by firing some clown from the FBI?!

This sends the message that the masses of people are disposable. The Establishment cares more about defending the integrity of government agencies than protecting The People.

Fun fact: when James Comey was Attorney General, he supported waterboarding as an interrogation tactic. Before he was fired, he was the Head of the FBI – a government agency notorious for using unethical, unorthodox, and illegal measures to achieve their goals in investigations. But now, we are supposed to believe that Comey was a victim “intimidated” by Trump during the Russia investigations?! Miss me with all that garbage. Stop defending law enforcement agencies for once.

Besides: impeaching Trump does absolutely nothing to solve our problems. He is simply the most visible and visceral manifestation of a decadent system. If Trump is removed, we are stuck with Mike Pence. Anyone who is familiar with this right-wing zealot knows that he has the same agenda as Trump, plus an attribute that Trump lacks: political polish. Pence is a seasoned politician who knows his way around the system. Unlike Trump, he is “presidential.” The only positive about Trump is that his and actions are incendiary enough to command our attention and resistance. But if Pence gets into office, he will sweet-talk the masses right back to sleep as Trump’s right-wing agenda is shoved down our throats. Pence is more dangerous than Trump.

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