The United States was built on slavery and genocide. As such, it is an oppression machine that should not exist.

Electoral politics, however, is not interested in destroying the oppression machine. At the outset of every campaign, every politician must accept one of the following premises: A). the oppression machine is not oppressive at all [conservatives], or B). the oppression of the oppression machine is a deviation from an otherwise peaceful norm – a temporary problem which can be corrected by working inside the oppression machine itself [liberals].

Electoral politics is primarily interested in the interchangeable driver behind the wheel of the oppression machine. It is interested in which “direction” the interchangeable driver pledges to take the oppression machine over the next few years. It is interested in whether or not the interchangeable driver of the oppression machine is “diverse.” It is interested in making sure that the driver is having the oppression machine serviced for repairs – and then bringing back receipts to ensure “accountability.” It is interested in having the windows of the oppression machine cleaned to ensure “transparency.” At no point in any of this is the existence of the oppression machine called into question.

Leaving the machine metaphor to the side for now – the best condition that electoral politics can produce is capitalism with a more humane mask. The most we can get is capitalism with a welfare safety net (i.e. free health care, free education, etc). Under this circumstance, the ruling class is still in power – but their profit margins are reduced a bit. But considering the shameless greed of the elites, those lost profits will be recovered elsewhere. Kwame Nkrumah (1969) said that those lost profits are recovered in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Nkrumah is worth quoting at length: “neo-colonialism constitutes the necessary condition for the establishment of welfare states in imperial countries. Just as the welfare state is the internal condition, neo-colonialism is the external condition, for the continued hegemony of international finance […] In the final analysis, the neo-colonialist system of exploitation, which is the external condition for the maintenance of the capitalist welfare state, remains essentially dependent on the production of the neo-colonised workers, who must not only continue to produce under stagnant and continually worsening living conditions, but must produce substantially more than they did in colonial days” (pgs 12-14). In the Handbook of Revolutionary Warfare, Nkrumah provides the following images to illustrate:



Therefore, even the most progressive agenda pushed by liberal candidates to improve local conditions requires a revving up of the oppression machine in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Even the best electoralism outsources the worst consequences of capitalism to the darker regions of the planet. This is why we must be anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist at every turn.

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