Zone of Non-being

Darryl Walker Jr



Voters Are a Burnt Offering

The system was designed to fail - it's all monkey business, minus the spine and tail. The citizens are blind as hell reading the Pledge of Allegiance from lines of Braille so they never realize that they're confined in jail.... Continue Reading →

I Hate Watching You Eat

The way you eat causes loss of appetites. Grandma's apple pie ... (mm-mm!) before I’ve even had a slice, your eye is on my plate trying to ask for bites. Seeing you dine without a fork and plastic knife is... Continue Reading →

From My Second Story Window

From my second story window I gaze over the city attempting to find the streetlight closest to your house. When I hear a siren in the distance I pray you weren't harmed. Whenever there is a strong wind I blow... Continue Reading →

Your Flesh Belongs to Me: Stop Domestic Violence

*Warning: Graphic Material* Kings belong on pedestals and you – my dear – were born to worship my genitals. There is no world beyond my testicles, that's why your body is built with semen receptacles. Your flesh belongs to me,... Continue Reading →

We Are the Only Destination

When our dreams are forgotten they accumulate to create millions of planets. Telescopes are haunted by a faint sense of déjà vu. The quest for knowledge is a desire to return. We are the only destination. By: Darryl Walker Jr... Continue Reading →

Trump Learned From America

They say Donald Trump is off the hinges because when he speaks the public cringes as if he has no sense of limits. He must have devout commitments to irrationality and non-sense. His statements are so absurd, you don’t need... Continue Reading →

Nameless Skeletons (5 Haikus)

Mother Africa robbed and raped for centuries. No one seems to care. Black flesh locked in chains, separated from loved ones.       Death their only friend. Starved in ghettos like societal excrement.       Objects with no... Continue Reading →

A Sight for Sore Eyes

Before her, my life was a blur about my direction I was unsure. When she promised to re-appear all my movements became clear. As I saw her beautiful thick frame I knew I would never be the same. I was... Continue Reading →

Conveyor Belt Imaginations

Assembly line minds, conveyor belt imaginations process human suffering with cold calculations. Social relations are reduced to a mere formula that was created by an auditor who works part-time as the coroner. Assembly line minds, conveyor belt imaginations require ‘round-the-clock... Continue Reading →

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