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The Circus of #ImpeachTrump

Some thoughts on impeaching Trump: 1). A fundamental yet unchallenged premise of these impeachment proceedings is that the political system is structured upon the principle of "checks and balances". The first chapter of any decent constitutional law textbook teaches that... Continue Reading →

White Supremacy: What Counts As “Genocide”?

I want to add a few thoughts to the article being circulated titled "Yes, What Israel is Doing to Palestinians is Actually Genocide" - because the author omits some important points about race and genocide. I did a presentation in... Continue Reading →

Foreign Policy & Hypocrisy: The Iran Nuclear Deal

President Trump withdrew the United States from the nuclear deal with Iran. The failure to understand the relationship between gun control laws and oppression at the national level is only magnified when we discuss nuclear weapons at the international level.... Continue Reading →

God is the Ultimate Police Officer

A serious discussion about abolishing the police and prison requires an understanding of the way power operates. NWA recorded their infamous "Fuck the Police" anthem - a song we should all have as our ringtones. But policing involves more than... Continue Reading →

Thank You & Open Forum

The Zone of Non-being is approaching its one year anniversary! In this span of time, I have been blessed to form many relationships with fellow bloggers who have influenced my writing and perspectives. I am grateful to everyone who reads... Continue Reading →

Wild Republican VS. Mild Republican

Glenn Beck, a known die-hard conservative, just said that voting for Hillary Clinton could be the "moral, ethical choice." Sure, this is an indication that Donald Trump is out of control. But this also illustrates just how far the Democratic... Continue Reading →

Beyond Hillary’s Health

As much as I dislike Hillary Clinton, I am still disturbed by the demand that she fully disclose her medical records. 1). We are assuming that physical fitness is a prerequisite for completing the tasks at hand. It isn't. In... Continue Reading →

The New Face of American Imperialism

The images of Omran Daqneesh, a young boy from war-torn Syria, are saddening illustrations of our failure as humans. While my heart goes out to him, I do not subscribe to the propaganda wholeheartedly. The media has framed the child... Continue Reading →

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