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Bloody Hands: The Democratic Party’s War on Immigrants

In the past week, Immigration Customs Enforcement has arrested 600 undocumented immigrants. The Trump administration is, understandably, the target of criticism - while liberal politicians (i.e. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, etc.) present the Democratic Party as a solution to the... Continue Reading →

Blacks in the Military: In Exchange For “Freedom”

After being sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump began working to strengthen America’s military. A recent draft of an executive order shows that Trump is willing to spend $90 billion a year to expand... Continue Reading →

Sanctuary Cities Are Not Safe Havens

We need to be more careful with this idea of ‘sanctuary cities’ – for a few reasons: 1). These regions are not safe havens for all undocumented immigrants – only those without criminal records. The mayors of New York City... Continue Reading →

Illusion of Inclusion: Women of Color on Money

For everyone who is excited by the replacement of Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill with Harriet Tubman, the United States Mint has unveiled a special commemorative coin. With her toga and braids, Lady Liberty – for the first time... Continue Reading →

Our Flesh is the Devil’s Asking Price

Born on the slave ships, packed in tight in a place where humanity is attached to white. Our suffering is not rooted in money or the lack of magic rights, but that the world is addicted to the tragic sight ... Continue Reading →

Black Businesses: Repackaging Exploitation

Of all racial and/or ethnic groups in the United States, black people have the worst economic outcomes. A litany of statistics indicate that blacks are the most likely to be unemployed, underemployed, and living below the poverty line. The diagnosis... Continue Reading →

The Dangers of Medicalizing Racism

"My name is Trevor, and I am a racist" is a typical introduction at a meeting for a 12-step program in North Carolina. Inspired by initiatives that treat addictions to alcohol, drugs, sex and overeating, the Trinity United Church of... Continue Reading →

Supporting the Police: Oppression With a Smile

In the aftermath of most police shootings, the typical chorus of liberals chime in to condemn anti-blackness, while simultaneously declaring support for law enforcement. Such reasoning is made possible by a failure to appreciate the history or structural function of policing... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving & Black Friday: The Epitome of American Culture

The essence of American culture will be captured in the next two days. On Thanksgiving, Americans come together with loved ones to indulge in food – while simultaneously engaging in a form of organized forgetting about violence against the indigenous... Continue Reading →

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