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Book Review: The Unhappy Wife

After months of resistance, I finally purchased and read Dr. K E Garland’s The Unhappy Wife. My original thoughts about the text were a barrier to engagement. Based on the title alone, I assumed that only married women could extract... Continue Reading →

Valentines Day: Love Jams

Today is a special day for all you lovebirds! But what would Valentine's Day be without love music?! In the spirit of Lady G's Love is in the Air, here is a short list of my favorite love songs. What... Continue Reading →

We Need to Abolish Sports Commentary

Each week, millions of Americans gather around their television screens to watch professional sports. Living rooms are stocked with chips and dip as fans cheer for their favorite teams. However, through all the excitement, a key fixture of the broadcast... Continue Reading →

Give Like a Child Again

The celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations are joyous occasions in our lives. Uniting for the sake of recognizing a special person or relationship can evoke smiles and tears. But as family and friends gather around to open cards and... Continue Reading →

Rethinking Christmas: Santa is a Pedophile & Capitalist

With all the excess turkey and mashed potatoes stored away for leftovers, we now move towards the end of year holiday celebrations. Christmas music will now start playing at every department store. If your neighbors are anything like mine, the... Continue Reading →

Stop Sending Reporters Into Hurricanes

Every time a hurricane rolls around, the corporate media sends reporters right into the middle of harm's way. Even though these storms bring casualties and billions of dollars in destruction, we still receive live footage of reporters outside struggling to... Continue Reading →

Top 12 Creative Rap Songs

Below is a list of 12 favorite creative rap songs. Of course, every song from any genre has an element of creativity - but my definition of creative is a bit different here. I am defining creative as a song that tells... Continue Reading →

Barnes & Noble Rant

I made the mistake of going to Barnes & Noble in search of intellectually stimulating books. But evidently the store is more concerned with sales than substance. Perfect lighting, freshly buffed tables, and carefully chosen angles accompany front-door displays of the most... Continue Reading →

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