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Darryl Walker Jr



Democrats & The Politics of Torture

I keep seeing the tweet from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about Chelsea Manning being circulated - as if its contents are radical or noteworthy. Lets use this as an opportunity to really break down and decipher the meaning of this tweet: Liberals... Continue Reading →

Nipsey Hussle and the Trope of Black-on-Black Crime

Now that the Los Angeles Police Department has identified a black man as a suspect in the murder of Nipsey Hussle, lets get a few things straight about the narrative of "black-on-black crime." 1).┬áThe United States has existed for 242... Continue Reading →

Mind Your Business, America

President Obama canceled a meeting with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte after the Filipino leader called him a "son of a bitch" and warned him not to ask about extrajudicial killings in his country. Granted: Duterte's personal attack was uncalled for.... Continue Reading →

Kaepernick & The Hostility We Ignore

In response to Kaepernick's protests, the Santa Clara Police Department is threatening to boycott working at 49ers home games. The police union is accusing Kaepernick of creating a "hostile work environment." The basic ultimatum is: either the Team disavow/discipline Kaepernick,... Continue Reading →

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