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Darryl Walker Jr



Why Do Americans Hate Welfare?

Welfare is a highly politicized topic in the United States. Each election year, voters are inundated with statistics testifying to the inefficiency and waste of welfare spending. These campaigns are often tethered to overt and covert discourses that galvanize opposition... Continue Reading →

The War on Youth: Deviance as the Assertion of Humanity

Racialized groups have been demonized since the dawn of the United States. In a structure based on white supremacy, the notion of criminality is utilized to define and confine the movements of non-white populations. Thus, a disproportionate amount of blacks... Continue Reading →

Being Black is a Permanent Halloween Costume

Halloween costumes are notorious for being racially and/or culturally insensitive. Each year, there are scores of people who utilize this creative outlet to display ignorance and hatred of the highest order. Sporting a sombrero or a native headdress are just... Continue Reading →

Denying Racism is the New Racism

Conventional wisdom holds that racism has disappeared from the American landscape. The eradication of Jim Crow now symbolizes the defeat of the so-called race problem. However, this line of reasoning overburdens legislation with meaning and transformative power. Racial inequality has... Continue Reading →

Hillary Clinton & the Anti-blackness of Gun Control

Who lost the debate Monday night? The American people. Don't let that split-screen fool you. Trump and Clinton are expressing the same ideas with different rhetoric - especially with regard to the black community. For instance, Trump's call for "law... Continue Reading →

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