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Patriotism Leaves No Room for Unity

Donald Trump is officially the 45th president of the United States. Since the inauguration, our eyes and ears have been saturated with a declaration from Trump’s speech: “when you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice”.... Continue Reading →

Monopoly & Myths of Criminal Justice

After eight decades, Monopoly continues to be one of the highest selling board games in the world. During this time span, a wide range of editions were released to fit the specific contexts and interests of players. With an eye... Continue Reading →

Conversation With David M. Allen & Tareau Barron (The Couch Sports Podcast #41)

Thank you to Brother Dave and Brother Tareau for having me on their podcast. Listen to our conversation covering topics such as capitalism, race, and entertainment. Be sure to check them out at

Our Flesh is the Devil’s Asking Price

Born on the slave ships, packed in tight in a place where humanity is attached to white. Our suffering is not rooted in money or the lack of magic rights, but that the world is addicted to the tragic sight ... Continue Reading →

A Marxist Perspective on the Job Application Process

Once upon a time, employees were able to hang their hats at a company and bank on retirement. This sense of stability and loyalty has all but vanished - as neoliberalism has ushered in an epoch of increased precarity. The... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving & Black Friday: The Epitome of American Culture

The essence of American culture will be captured in the next two days. On Thanksgiving, Americans come together with loved ones to indulge in food – while simultaneously engaging in a form of organized forgetting about violence against the indigenous... Continue Reading →

Spectrum of Fraudulence

The latest national discussion is the prevalence of 'fake news' being shared on social media platforms. Blatantly false information is now being broadcasted on Facebook and other outlets to generate ad revenue. During the election cycle, tin-foil hat conspiracy theories... Continue Reading →

Voters Are a Burnt Offering

The system was designed to fail - it's all monkey business, minus the spine and tail. The citizens are blind as hell reading the Pledge of Allegiance from lines of Braille so they never realize that they're confined in jail.... Continue Reading →

Why We Need To Fight Nihilism

In the interest of maintaining a semblance of sanity, I have not discussed or written about the presidential elections in quite some time. Pageantry now masquerades on the national stage as a substitute for critical thinking and substantive action. The... Continue Reading →

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