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Nipsey Hussle and the Trope of Black-on-Black Crime

Now that the Los Angeles Police Department has identified a black man as a suspect in the murder of Nipsey Hussle, lets get a few things straight about the narrative of "black-on-black crime." 1). The United States has existed for 242... Continue Reading →

Monopoly & Myths of Criminal Justice

After eight decades, Monopoly continues to be one of the highest selling board games in the world. During this time span, a wide range of editions were released to fit the specific contexts and interests of players. With an eye... Continue Reading →

Our Flesh is the Devil’s Asking Price

Born on the slave ships, packed in tight in a place where humanity is attached to white. Our suffering is not rooted in money or the lack of magic rights, but that the world is addicted to the tragic sight ... Continue Reading →

The War on Youth: Deviance as the Assertion of Humanity

Racialized groups have been demonized since the dawn of the United States. In a structure based on white supremacy, the notion of criminality is utilized to define and confine the movements of non-white populations. Thus, a disproportionate amount of blacks... Continue Reading →

Review: 13th (Directed by Ava DuVernay)

I recently watched "13th" – a documentary on Netflix about the criminalization and incarceration of black folks since slavery “ended.” The film is good overall, and I recommend it to everyone. The documentary does a good job synthesizing history and... Continue Reading →

Laws Are Ego Defense Mechanisms

Our general conception of "law" needs to be completely re-thought. Conventional wisdom espouses the belief that the legal process is neutral and objective. The sheer mentioning of law summons biblical images of Moses descending from the mountains with the Commandments.... Continue Reading →

Stop Living in the Past

Whenever black people bring up the history of America's wrongdoings, we are told to "get over it" and "stop living in the past". But whenever a police officer shoots a black person, they are quick to bring up the victim's... Continue Reading →

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