Zone of Non-being

Darryl Walker Jr



My Love Would Heal Her

She said my words hold her too tight on cold nights, preventing her little toes from freezing, and taking away a reason for her to run away into the apathetic blizzard. She sleeps with her boots on, isolating herself on... Continue Reading →


You look not at me, but through me - in a way as if to say you wish you threw me away then a strong wind blew me away into a day not observed on the calendar. I'm the main character... Continue Reading →

All I Ever Wanted

When I approached, you clutched your purse but robbery was never the mission. When I tried to hold your hand, you screamed but sex was not my ambition. When I knocked on your door, you were skeptical but for shelter I wasn't wishing. When I came to you teary-eyed,... Continue Reading →

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