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Democratic Wave? No – Wave Goodbye to the Democrats

Sure - the elections yesterday were a reprimand on Trump. But there is still a qualitative difference between being anti-Trump and being anti-oppression. The Democratic Party is not, cannot, and never will be the vessel for significant social change. Instead... Continue Reading →

The Ruse of Russian Interference

For the past few months, airwaves have been saturated with allegations of covert Russian interference in America’s 2016 presidential election. Like a dog with a bone, teleprompter-jockeys are working tirelessly to ensure this claim becomes the explanation for Donald Trump’s... Continue Reading →

Against Working With Trump

  The Need for Protest I am hearing and reading a lot of comments criticizing the anti-Trump rallies. Some common arguments have been that they are “pointless” and “stop traffic”. But it is important to remember that – unless you... Continue Reading →

Voters Are a Burnt Offering

The system was designed to fail - it's all monkey business, minus the spine and tail. The citizens are blind as hell reading the Pledge of Allegiance from lines of Braille so they never realize that they're confined in jail.... Continue Reading →

Why We Need To Fight Nihilism

In the interest of maintaining a semblance of sanity, I have not discussed or written about the presidential elections in quite some time. Pageantry now masquerades on the national stage as a substitute for critical thinking and substantive action. The... Continue Reading →

Trump Learned From America

They say Donald Trump is off the hinges because when he speaks the public cringes as if he has no sense of limits. He must have devout commitments to irrationality and non-sense. His statements are so absurd, you don’t need... Continue Reading →

Wild Republican VS. Mild Republican

Glenn Beck, a known die-hard conservative, just said that voting for Hillary Clinton could be the "moral, ethical choice." Sure, this is an indication that Donald Trump is out of control. But this also illustrates just how far the Democratic... Continue Reading →

Against the Lesser Evil: Part 2 of 2

I am tired of the simple-minded assertion that Green Party voters will tip the election in favor of Donald Trump. The standard argument used to support this idea - that Al Gore lost the 2000 presidential race to George Bush... Continue Reading →

Modern Politics: A Cycle of Domestic Violence

Our relationship to the power structure of this country is abusive and violent.  We have been in a relationship with a partner who consistently lies to us, cheats on us, steals from us, and beats us. But the black eyes... Continue Reading →

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