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Rotting the Brain: Shark Tank & Undercover Boss

Two of the most dangerous shows on television are Shark Tank and Undercover Boss. These programs are mindless celebrations of capitalism - and are viewed by millions of working class people in marathon format. Shark Tank demonstrates just how backward... Continue Reading →

Democracy: Every Cook Can Govern (Pt.2)

Since writing the first part of this series, I have received several comments and criticisms on another thread about these ideas. Here are some points raised below and my responses to them:  "I can't believe that someone can say that... Continue Reading →

Black Businesses: Repackaging Exploitation

Of all racial and/or ethnic groups in the United States, black people have the worst economic outcomes. A litany of statistics indicate that blacks are the most likely to be unemployed, underemployed, and living below the poverty line. The diagnosis... Continue Reading →

Chipotle: Capitalism In a Nutshell

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Chipotle for 'wage-theft.' Over 10,000 employees allege they were forced to clock-out and continue 'working for free.' While I agree that action must be taken against this, we should not reduce the... Continue Reading →

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