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Darryl Walker Jr



Foreign Policy & Hypocrisy: The Iran Nuclear Deal

President Trump withdrew the United States from the nuclear deal with Iran. The failure to understand the relationship between gun control laws and oppression at the national level is only magnified when we discuss nuclear weapons at the international level.... Continue Reading →

Texas Church Shooting: War on Youth

Nearly half of those killed during the Texas church shooting were children. This heinous act did not occur in isolation - it is simply the most visible and visceral manifestation of what is already in existence. Furthermore, we need to... Continue Reading →

Kathy Griffin, Violence & Killing Poor Children of Color

Spare me the phony outrage over the Kathy Griffin photo. As she was posing for the image, the United States was carrying out airstrikes in Syria. Over the past month, America has killed 225 Syrian civilians, including 44 children. Instead... Continue Reading →

The New Face of American Imperialism

The images of Omran Daqneesh, a young boy from war-torn Syria, are saddening illustrations of our failure as humans. While my heart goes out to him, I do not subscribe to the propaganda wholeheartedly. The media has framed the child... Continue Reading →

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