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Capitalism & The Toll on the Human Soul

Since it is #MentalHealthAwareness Month, I want to explore Karl Marx's theory of human alienation under capitalism. When we delve into the Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts (1844), we learn that there are at least 4 inter-related reasons people become disenchanted:... Continue Reading →

State Coercion & the Treatment of Mental Illness

Coercion is the power to force compliance with authority using threats of physical punishment, deprivation and/or other undesirable consequences (Geller et. al, 2006). The fact of government coercion is inescapable, as it is the basis of an effective social control... Continue Reading →

The Dangers of Medicalizing Racism

"My name is Trevor, and I am a racist" is a typical introduction at a meeting for a 12-step program in North Carolina. Inspired by initiatives that treat addictions to alcohol, drugs, sex and overeating, the Trinity United Church of... Continue Reading →

How the Pharmaceutical Industry Manipulates Mental Health

The pharmaceutical industry wields an immense amount of influence over both mental health professionals and the general public. With their unmatched power over regulatory processes and direct-to-consumer advertising, pharmaceutical companies create and shape knowledge of psychiatric illness. There are at... Continue Reading →

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