Zone of Non-being

Darryl Walker Jr



Lack of Direction

Here - let me give you directions so you'll know the way to my house before you get lost at an intersection, and blow your engine out. First, drive over the suspension bridge named after a dead man who was... Continue Reading →

Corny Joke Detector

Are you tired of lame punchlines and quips that kill the vibe when they leave someone’s lips? Are you tired of forcing fake laughter for your spouse who swears they are a joke-master? Does your boss have a bad sense... Continue Reading →

A Sight for Sore Eyes

Before her, my life was a blur about my direction I was unsure. When she promised to re-appear all my movements became clear. As I saw her beautiful thick frame I knew I would never be the same. I was... Continue Reading →

Conveyor Belt Imaginations

Assembly line minds, conveyor belt imaginations process human suffering with cold calculations. Social relations are reduced to a mere formula that was created by an auditor who works part-time as the coroner. Assembly line minds, conveyor belt imaginations require ‘round-the-clock... Continue Reading →

Dear House, You’re a Coward

Dear House, You're a Coward. Look at your windows- all of them are clear, giving the false impression that they are mentally stable. But all windows have a pane and that pain you try to hide by wearing blinds, to... Continue Reading →

Ignorance Is Bliss

Beside the crib, she sings to her sleeping toddler,  whose birth made this cursed earth into a nirvana. She began to ponder and realized: her life would lose ardor if she were no longer a gardener.  But the farmer is... Continue Reading →

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