Zone of Non-being

Darryl Walker Jr



Dear House, You’re a Coward

Dear House, You're a Coward. Look at your windows- all of them are clear, giving the false impression that they are mentally stable. But all windows have a pane and that pain you try to hide by wearing blinds, to... Continue Reading →

Thank You For Calling Domino’s

Thank you for calling Domino's Pizza where the food is sub-par and that is why it's cheaper. But since you are a danger-seeker who is desperate and over-eager allow me to tell you our menu's special feature: Our Cheesy Crusts... Continue Reading →

My Love Would Heal Her

She said my words hold her too tight on cold nights, preventing her little toes from freezing, and taking away a reason for her to run away into the apathetic blizzard. She sleeps with her boots on, isolating herself on... Continue Reading →


You look not at me, but through me - in a way as if to say you wish you threw me away then a strong wind blew me away into a day not observed on the calendar. I'm the main character... Continue Reading →

All I Ever Wanted

When I approached, you clutched your purse but robbery was never the mission. When I tried to hold your hand, you screamed but sex was not my ambition. When I knocked on your door, you were skeptical but for shelter I wasn't wishing. When I came to you teary-eyed,... Continue Reading →

A Poem For All Poets

What rhyme hasn't been said? What concept hasn't been read? Poetry is now an art that I dread because whenever an original idea forms in my head, I am accused of copying a random poet who is dead. After the... Continue Reading →

The Best Way to Honor 9/11 Victims

The 9/11 story is all bullshit sold from a political pulpit by leaders who point fingers but they're really the culprits. Thousands of lives were sacrificed and now the public violates them in the afterlife by laying down and acting... Continue Reading →

Ignorance Is Bliss

Beside the crib, she sings to her sleeping toddler,  whose birth made this cursed earth into a nirvana. She began to ponder and realized: her life would lose ardor if she were no longer a gardener.  But the farmer is... Continue Reading →

Modern Politics: A Cycle of Domestic Violence

Our relationship to the power structure of this country is abusive and violent.  We have been in a relationship with a partner who consistently lies to us, cheats on us, steals from us, and beats us. But the black eyes... Continue Reading →

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