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Impeaching Trump: The Politics of Disposability

Donald Trump's approval ratings are declining as calls for his impeachment are increasing rapidly. So, let me get this straight: Trump bombed Syria with 59 tomahawk missiles; defunded abortions overseas; gave the green-light to the Dakota Access Pipeline; implemented an... Continue Reading →

The Ruse of Russian Interference

For the past few months, airwaves have been saturated with allegations of covert Russian interference in America’s 2016 presidential election. Like a dog with a bone, teleprompter-jockeys are working tirelessly to ensure this claim becomes the explanation for Donald Trump’s... Continue Reading →

Trump Learned From America

They say Donald Trump is off the hinges because when he speaks the public cringes as if he has no sense of limits. He must have devout commitments to irrationality and non-sense. His statements are so absurd, you don’t need... Continue Reading →

Wild Republican VS. Mild Republican

Glenn Beck, a known die-hard conservative, just said that voting for Hillary Clinton could be the "moral, ethical choice." Sure, this is an indication that Donald Trump is out of control. But this also illustrates just how far the Democratic... Continue Reading →

Against the Lesser Evil: Part 1 of 2

As November inches closer, our eyes and eardrums are being bombarded with propaganda about the futility of voting for a Third Party candidate. The typical, head-in-the-sand argument is, more or less, as follows: 'Every vote that is not for Hillary... Continue Reading →

Beyond Hillary’s Health

As much as I dislike Hillary Clinton, I am still disturbed by the demand that she fully disclose her medical records. 1). We are assuming that physical fitness is a prerequisite for completing the tasks at hand. It isn't. In... Continue Reading →

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