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Darryl Walker Jr



We Need to Abolish Sports Commentary

Each week, millions of Americans gather around their television screens to watch professional sports. Living rooms are stocked with chips and dip as fans cheer for their favorite teams. However, through all the excitement, a key fixture of the broadcast... Continue Reading →

Corny Joke Detector

Are you tired of lame punchlines and quips that kill the vibe when they leave someone‚Äôs lips? Are you tired of forcing fake laughter for your spouse who swears they are a joke-master? Does your boss have a bad sense... Continue Reading →

Rethinking Christmas: Santa is a Pedophile & Capitalist

With all the excess turkey and mashed potatoes stored away for leftovers, we now move towards the end of year holiday celebrations. Christmas music will now start playing at every department store. If your neighbors are anything like mine, the... Continue Reading →

Thank You For Calling Domino’s

Thank you for calling Domino's Pizza where the food is sub-par and that is why it's cheaper. But since you are a danger-seeker who is desperate and over-eager allow me to tell you our menu's special feature: Our Cheesy Crusts... Continue Reading →

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