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Charlottesville: American Fascism is Nothing New

To combat the terrorism in Charlottesville, we at least need to be honest. While it is great that most people are outraged, I am disturbed by the lack of institutional memory and discourse on American exceptionalism. For example, Elizabeth Warren... Continue Reading →

Invisible Bodies: Anti-black Genocide in the U.S.

In this blog, I present my theory of the State as it relates to anti-black structural violence in America. I apply three frameworks: carceral continuum, social death, and genocide - for the sake of understanding anti-black violence.

Our Flesh is the Devil’s Asking Price

Born on the slave ships, packed in tight in a place where humanity is attached to white. Our suffering is not rooted in money or the lack of magic rights, but that the world is addicted to the tragic sight ... Continue Reading →

Nameless Skeletons (5 Haikus)

Mother Africa robbed and raped for centuries. No one seems to care. Black flesh locked in chains, separated from loved ones.       Death their only friend. Starved in ghettos like societal excrement.       Objects with no... Continue Reading →

Review: 13th (Directed by Ava DuVernay)

I recently watched "13th" – a documentary on Netflix about the criminalization and incarceration of black folks since slavery “ended.” The film is good overall, and I recommend it to everyone. The documentary does a good job synthesizing history and... Continue Reading →

Hillary Clinton & the Anti-blackness of Gun Control

Who lost the debate Monday night? The American people. Don't let that split-screen fool you. Trump and Clinton are expressing the same ideas with different rhetoric - especially with regard to the black community. For instance, Trump's call for "law... Continue Reading →

Stop Living in the Past

Whenever black people bring up the history of America's wrongdoings, we are told to "get over it" and "stop living in the past". But whenever a police officer shoots a black person, they are quick to bring up the victim's... Continue Reading →

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