Hey pretty girl –
I cannot afford to take you around the world,
but I’m India
andΒ that the way I feel Israel.

I wanna be your lover
but if you’re not ready,
I Kuwait, I won’t Russia.
If you do let me touch ya,
I promise I’ll take it slow
and make you weak Indonesia know?

If you’re Hungary
I’ll make healthy food with no Greece
so on a piece of moist Turkey we can feast.
As a side, I’ll prepare some rice
and Sweden it with your favorite spice.

You deserve the best in life
so I am adamant
that you deserve something more elaborate
than plain dishes from the cabinet,
or a Canada lamest soda with a Cuba ice
where the liquids are flattening.
For you, I’ll pull out the fancy China glasses
typically reserved for the Pope at the Vatican.

All of my possessions I extend.
If you ever need a Czech
no hesitation, I will send.
Every dollar I earn in my Korea
I would lend.

You say you’ve Benin a few relationships
where men objectified you
and treated you rudely.
But I am not the type
to reduce you to Djibouti.

I’m the type to park the Sudan
so we can have a picnic near the flowers
where we can laugh
and Chad for hours.
And then slow dance with you
to the chords of a Qatar
at a jazz concert
where we can pass the time
and let the Tunisia mind.

I’ve been through life
only to be abandoned.
If the heavens were to Senegal like you
I would be the happiest Guyana planet.

By Darryl Walker Jr
(c) Copyright 2016-2017

Prompt: Crossing