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Darryl Walker Jr

Valentines Day: Love Jams

Today is a special day for all you lovebirds! But what would Valentine's Day be without love music?! In the spirit of Lady G's Love is in the Air, here is a short list of my favorite love songs. What... Continue Reading →

Bloody Hands: The Democratic Party’s War on Immigrants

In the past week, Immigration Customs Enforcement has arrested 600 undocumented immigrants. The Trump administration is, understandably, the target of criticism - while liberal politicians (i.e. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, etc.) present the Democratic Party as a solution to the... Continue Reading →

When My Heart Stops

When My Heart Stops funeral attendance won't exceed six. The pastor will just drag my pine-box to the cold and shallow ditch. I'll probably be buried with no socks in a tacky suit that barely fits. My father will keep... Continue Reading →

Stop Saying Everything Happens For a Reason

When a personal setback or national tragedy takes place, many people are searching for explanations. In the understandable desire to alleviate anxiety, a popular phrase is typically offered: everything happens for a reason. While uttered in a spirit of good... Continue Reading →

Blacks in the Military: In Exchange For Freedom

After being sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump began working to strengthen America’s military. A recent draft of an executive order shows that Trump is willing to spend $90 billion a year to expand... Continue Reading →

We Need to Abolish Sports Commentary

Each week, millions of Americans gather around their television screens to watch professional sports. Living rooms are stocked with chips and dip as fans cheer for their favorite teams. However, through all the excitement, a key fixture of the broadcast... Continue Reading →

Conversation With David M. Allen & Tareau Barron (The Couch Sports Podcast #48)

Thank you to Brother David M. Allen and Brother Tareau Barron for having me on their podcast. Great show about black businesses, entertainment, and more!

Sanctuary Cities Are Not Safe Havens

We need to be more careful with this idea of ‘sanctuary cities’ – for a few reasons: 1). These regions are not safe havens for all undocumented immigrants – only those without criminal records. The mayors of New York City... Continue Reading →

Give Like a Child Again

The celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations are joyous occasions in our lives. Uniting for the sake of recognizing a special person or relationship can evoke smiles and tears. But as family and friends gather around to open cards and... Continue Reading →

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