*Warning: Graphic Material*

Kings belong on pedestals
and you – my dear – were born to worship my genitals.
There is no world beyond my testicles,
that’s why your body is built with semen receptacles.

Your flesh belongs to me, bitch.
I’ll choke you if ‘privacy’ is a suggestion.  
When I snap my fingers,
be a good girl and bend over for an inspection
like a carcass sprawled out for a dissection.
You consenting is a laughable question!
I will override your directions

whenever I get an erection.

And you’ll deserve it,  
because the eye contact you gave to the person
working the cash register was flirting.
Why would he want … you?
Ha! You are ugly and worthless.
I am the only man who will ever love you
and that is for certain.

This is my house, my landscape.
But you show gratitude by
… cooking raggedy pancakes,
never dusting the lampshades,
and letting your ugly children
make a mess on the staircase?!
When I ask who pays the bills,
I never see your hand raised –
so straighten your fucking act up
or I’ll go on a rampage
that’ll have you needing a lot more
than a couple of band-aids.

Your kids have a home here 
but that fact can change.

Your choice.

By Darryl Walker Jr
(c) Copyright 2016-2017


Prompt: Tempted