The system was designed to fail –
it’s all monkey business, minus the spine and tail.
The citizens are blind as hell
reading the Pledge of Allegiance from lines of Braille
so they never realize that they’re confined in jail.

Time will tell, and real fast you’ll learn
that this so-called democracy is led by fascist worms.
Yet, passions yearn to serve these gold calves
who claim to part seas with no staffs.
Powdered wigs and suits made from old flags,
palindromic vocabs and teleprompters for gonads
so of course they have no grasp
on the issues plaguing the low class.

They figure you don’t know math
so they go fast when they show graphs
about deficits in budgets … corporate puppets
enforcing crooked agendas with muskets.
Profiting from the debt,
they’ll have you working in your hundreds!
Standardizing calculators with missing buttons
so when you sit and crunch numbers,
you get lost in algebraic dungeons. 

There was never any intention to give you justice.
Killer-cops walking free does not give you justice.
Criminalizing the public does not give you justice. 
Media coverage indoctrinates umbrage of Muslims:
a contrived distraction,
with the purpose of fogging up your glasses
and convincing you that the world
turns backwards on its axis
until you run to your pastors,
become pacified and passive.

This option is much more attractive
than The People revolting and ordering.
So you vote these politicians to Washington
where they give your soul to corporations
as a burnt offering.

By Darryl Walker Jr
(c) Copyright 2016

Prompt: Second Thoughts